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Svitlana Campbell
Photo by Headshots Hawaii

Svitlana Campbell is an actress known for such films as:

Godzilla (2014)

Watashi no Hawaii no arukikata (2014) (My Hawaiian Discovery, Japanese romantic comedy)

Jurassic World (2015)

Camino (2015)

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 6 - Episode 1 (2015)

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 6 - Episode 9 (2015)

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 6 - Episode 15 (2016)

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 6 - Episode 20 (2016)

Hawaii Five-0 - Season 6 - Episode 24 (2016)

She was born and raised in Ukraine. A teacher and lawyer, Svitlana continued her education in U.S. rediscovering her passion for acting. She fondly remembers her drama and choreography instructors from university's student theater and many amazing, talented people that continue inspiring her. Formerly a radio program host, Svitlana speaks excellent English with a very slight, pleasant accent that many people interpret as French. A rhythmic gymnast in the past, she loves dancing, arts and technology and enjoys teaching languages.

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